Friday, July 27, 2012

Update 07.27.12

It's been a long time since our last update, and the last update was about Better Measures being released on tape through Like Glue Records...Well, we're very happy and proud to say that Better Measures is being released on a 7" through Commitment Records (Netherlands)! It has been a goal of this band to release a 7" for a very long time.
Pre-orders went up today on the Commitment Records webstore for the Better Measures 7". This is a first press with 200 on black and 200 on green. Commitment has also posted test presses that he is selling for 5 euro...which comes out to about $13.49 USD (shipped).

We will be getting copies of the 7" also that we will have in our webstore. (We will also have a few test presses for sale.) They should be available sometime in August.

We will also be going into the studio to record some songs for a new 7" that we will have more details on in the coming weeks. We will be recording with our friend Brian Russo. He recorded our 2011 Demo and we're very stoked to be working with him again.

Here is the cover for the Better Measures 7". Photo by Jamie Moore. Layout by Chris Mollet.

Thanks for supporting this band and what we do. 
Better Times XXX

I just got word from Commitment Records. All of their test presses for Better Measures are SOLD OUT! We'll have some of our own in our online store when we get them.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Update 12.18.11

It's finally happened. Our new tape 'Better Measures' has been released! We had our tape release show Friday 12.16.11 at the Fun Home in Buffalo, NY. Except, we unfortunately didn't have the tapes. We didn't receive them in the mail until we were en route to Boston, MA for our show with Written Off, Enough, Caught In A Crowd, Our Side and Street Sweeper. Both of those shows were awesome. Buffalo always treats us right and we couldn't be more proud to be from Buffalo. We have such a great and supportive hardcore scene. The show Saturday in Cambridge, MA was at the Democracy Center. Our boy Keith from Alert hooked us up with that show. Needless to say, it ruled. Our Side, Caught In A Crowd, and Street Sweeper were all ridiculous. They represent their scene well. Written Off and Enough killed it as usual. We were fortunate enough to have them also play our tape release show in Buffalo the day before.

We will have the tape release version of 'Better Measures' at our show on Thursday, December 22nd at the Fun Home. It's a Christmas benefit show. So come out to support a good cause and dress like Santa or something. The tape release version is out of 15.
'Better Measures' can be picked up at our webstore.
We'll have more shirts coming soon. We'll also be printing crew necks that we'll have at our show in January.


Monday, November 21, 2011


Powder Keg- A Short Photostory from Jamie Moore on Vimeo.

If there was ever any doubt as to whether or not Jamie Moore is the man, the following video will end that debate once and for all.

We had an amazing time on the road November 4th 5th and 6th.
The weather was beautiful, the shows were incredible, the other bands ruled, and we made a ton of new friends that we can't wait to see again soon.

We were lucky enough to have our pal Jamie Moore join us for the weekend, and document the shenanigans photographically.

Doing what he does best, Jamie put some of the photos together in a video format...added the audio from an interview with yours truly, tossed in a currently UNRELEASED Better Times track...and made this little masterpiece right here.

Check it out.
Check Jamie out.
Stay tuned for more things of this nature in the future.


Goodbye Cruel Cow

If you haven't already heard the news, our friends and Buffalo Hardcore heavyweights Goodbye Cruel World were involved in a serious vehicle collision in Colorado this past weekend.

Fortunately none of the guys were physically injured, but the van itself was a complete loss and had to be TOTALED.

While they are certainly glad to be alive, they are now facing the reality of being stranded 1,500 miles from home with a few hundred pounds of equipment and merch.

Last I heard, they had rented a truck and were making the long drive back to Buffalo.

If you've ever been in a hardcore band, you understand very well that making money from touring does not happen. More often than not, your average hardcore band spends more money than they make on tour, or barely breaks even.
Having to total their sole means of transportation is a major setback for GCW.
Resorting to a rental vehicle to travel such a long distance is extremely expensive.
Gasoline for that rental vehicle is extremely expensive
Purchasing a replacement van for the one they wrecked will not be cheap either.

Here's where you come in.

The band is requesting donations via their PayPal account.
ANYTHING you can send their way to help offset the cost of the rental truck and gasoline would be greatly appreciated.

Being involved in a serious accident is stressful enough as it is.
The added stress of being stranded 1,500 miles from home with very few options must be even more scary.

If you've got anything sitting in your PayPal account...or can afford to send them $5 or $10 bucks....they'd really appreciate it.
And I'm sure you would, too, if you had just narrowly survived a near-death experience like theirs.

Head over to and click "Send Money".
Enter as the receiving address and help them out!

Also...if you were planning on ordering any GCW merch at any point in your would be a great time to do it!
They could use that merch money now more than ever.
Pick up a record or a shirt!

Also, most importantly... SPREAD THE WORD.
This is the information age.
There's no reason this story shouldn't be on every hardcore message board, blog, tumblr page, etc ASAP.

Buffalo Style PICK IT UP


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Update 10-26-11


We put up new shirts and more copies of our "Demo 2011" tape in our webstore.

When we reach 1,000 likes on facebook we'll post another new song! Also, pictures have been posted on our facebook from the Agnostic Front show.

Better Times

Friday, October 21, 2011

November Weekend

Hey dudes,

As you've probably heard, we're heading out on a weekend tour in November. Here are the flyers for the shows. If we're in your area come check us out!
DISCLAIMER: Better Times does not support the above flyer. It is simply used for educational purposes.

Also, listen to our new song 'Better Measures'


Monday, October 17, 2011



We just posted 'Better Measures' on our bandcamp and facebook! Check it out!